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If you have recently been worried about a mold issue or have had water damage, then you understand how troubling it can be to not know if you have a mold growth in your home. No one wants to deal with the stress of an unknown health issue and to make matters worse hiring a “Professional” can cost 4 to 5 hundred dollars. Put your mind at ease and use our test to be sure. Mold and the toxins they produce can be dangerous and they can also be hidden. Don't be fooled by instant check kits that only test for 3 different mold types. Our kit tests for all mold types. We include a guide to help you understand how to properly inspect your property for signs of mold and water damage.  

This is what sets our tests apart. Inspections are a very important and often overlooked aspect of mold testing. Without properly inspecting your property you could miss a huge issue and never know it. We strive to show you how to identify problems and how to use our mold test kit properly. Our product contains 3 tape lift samples(surface test), a quick start guide, and a mold inspection booklet. The tape lifts can be used to test surfaces that you suspect may be mold growth. The inspection booklet will tell you where to look for mold. Once you have collected the samples you will mail them to the lab (shipping to lab not included). Your mold samples will be sent to an experienced Lab that has processed more than 50,000 mold tests.  

The lab will analyze your samples and produce an illustrated data report that you will receive through email. All of the results are confidential and only you and the lab will see them unless you request otherwise. You can then reach out to us at your convenience for an expert consultation to help you understand the mold test results. In fact you can reach out to us during any stage for consultation and help with any questions you have about taking samples.

** Texas residents or samples collected from Texas must submit $24 fee for Lab analysis**

Call 864-275-0594 for more info.

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